Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to Stop School Shootings!

      Want to put an end to school shootings? There is a very simple solution. Allow any person who has a handgun permit in their state to be able to carry concealed on their "campus". Since you have to be 18 to carry a handgun, probably very few high school students would be able to, but teachers and administrators should be allowed to carry. Students, teachers, and administrators should be allowed to carry on college campuses. How many people would have been saved at Virginia Tech University if one of those students had been carrying? How many at Columbine High School if a teacher or Administrator hand been armed? Would it even have happened, if the shooter knew that someone might be armed? Would anybody go anywhere and attempt a mass shooting if they knew they might be confronted by an armed individual?
      Anyone who has a carry permit has been fingerprinted, their background checked by the FBI, and have taken a course in safe and proper firearm handling.
      Isn't it at least worth consideration? The shooting at the school in Pearl, MS in 1997 was stopped by a Principal who ran 1/4 mile to his car and back and held the student at gunpoint until police arrived. The shooting at Appalachian State School of Law was stopped by two students who when the shooting started, went to their vehicles, and retrieved lawfully carried firearms and confronted the shooter, ending it.
     Take a look at the video with an open mind and think about how maybe we should change our outlook.

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