Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Climate Change is Real, and is Going to Destroy Us!

    I have always been a political junkie and follow things pretty closely. I have now come to believe that Climate Change is very real and will destroy this country if something isn’t done about it! Warming temperatures, melting ice caps, and rising sea level? No, that “Climate Change” is a left wing hoax.
    I’m referring to the change in the political climate of the Democrats and the leftists. Since the election, when Hillary did not get crowned Queen of the USA, they have gone absolutely off the rails, and are in a rage that is turning more violent every day! We have the Comedienne Kathy Griffin holding up a severed fake head of someone who looks a lot like Donald Trump, we have Shakespeare in the Park in New York City, assassinating a character who looks a lot like Donald Trump, we have Madonna dreaming about “blowing up the White House”, and we had Actress and left-wing activist Ashley Judd saying the “tragedy” of Donald Trump’s election victory is far worse than an experience from her childhood in which she was raped. We have a local legislator in CT demonizing police officers, and a Dean at Yale University losing her job for calling people in a local restaurant “White trash”!
    Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists are rioting, setting fire to buildings, overturning police cars, blocking highways, and looting. Conservative speakers at Universities across the country are being violently prevented from speaking, like the riots at Berkeley that prevented Ann Coulter from speaking. Freedom of speech is under attack like never before! BLM has called for “dead cops”, so we have police officers being assassinated. Two officers killed while they sat in their police cars in New York City and five Dallas, TX officers killed and nine wounded by someone who wanted to “kill white people, especially police officers”,  and two in Des Moines, Iowa. Unfortunately, there are others!
    We now have Republican Congressmen being shot and shot at by a person who was a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter and volunteered on his campaign. How ironic is it that the side of the political aisle that is always preaching to us about needing more gun control attacks a group of Republicans with a gun?
     The Main Stream media is also complicit in this. When you have people like Scott Pelley of CBS saying that Steve Scalise being shot may have been “self inflicted”. They are not reporting news, they are pushing their left wing agenda. Both the local and national newscasts are fanning the flames of the rage in our country, and are almost 100% siding with the left! The picture of Democrats and Republicans praying together before the baseball game is was about as phony as anything can be!
     The left is no longer disguising what they stand for. They stand for an agenda of “Our way or the highway’, and by any means necessary. They are the same as Hitler’s “brown shirts” in the 1930’s. I am very conservative and stand strong for those values, but I am willing to have an honest, constructive conversation with anyone from the other side of the aisle, but I am finding it more and more difficult to do that. Just about every time I try, the conversation rapidly descends into people demonizing me, or calling me names, unless I completely agree with them!
    As Abraham Lincoln said: “A house divided against itself cannot stand“!