Monday, September 30, 2013

Something to think about.

 Let's assume that you can buy "food" insurance. Food (Healthcare) is as necessary to living as health care. You would pay a premium each month, go to the supermarket (doctor) anytime, buy anything you want, and after paying a copay at the register, you're on your way. Now to do this, insurance companies would have to be involved and probably the government. Right now, supermarkets (but not doctors) compete with each other (do you even ask the doctor how much the charge is for that procedure). To stay in business, supermarkets have to provide the best product for the least cost. Where do you think food prices would go if you didn't care how much they cost? Doctors, hospitals, etc. don't have to care about prices, because they are told by the government what they must cover, and how much they can charge (Medicare and Medicaid), so they can't compete with each other. The way to truly get health care costs under control is to get the Federal and State governments out of it entirely. Give people a medical savings account (a certain amount of money - from the government as a tax credit or direct payment), no strings attached, which can be rolled over from year to year. Amount to be determined. From this account people can pay the doctor, hospital, etc. directly, or they can buy coverage from an insurance company on their own, and decide for themselves what coverage they want. Does a 70 year old woman, really need to have birth control coverage, or the 25 year old man prostate coverage. In other words, allow doctors, hospitals, medical labs, insurance companies, etc. to compete in the FREE market, and costs will plummet, and quality will rise, just like supermarkets, or they won't be in business very long. Just think how much money those entities will save just in bureaucratic costs of not having to deal with the government or the insurance companies (as much) anymore? The free market is the way to go. It works every time it's tried.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What to do? Here's what you do!!

To all you "moderate" Republicans out there (AKA RINOs), who think the way to win elections is to be Democrat "lite". Yeah, you, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, John McKinney, Larry Cafero, et al, The ones who don't support the Second Amendment, vote to increase taxes, vote for more government spending, and just go along to get along, I suggest you check this link out. It shows what happens when you run on conservative principles and stick to them. Exactly what Reagan did in 1980, and he won a landslide, and was reelected four years later by an even bigger landslide. Just look "down under"!