Sunday, July 12, 2015

Offended?? Well, TS!

       I have ordered a Confederate flag! When it arrives this coming week, it's going on my flag pole out front along with my Gadsden flag and upside down American flag. The upside down American flag is a signal of distress, and this country is in a great deal of stress with what's going on today! It will remain upside down until our government gets back to the Constitution, and how this country was founded. The Confederate flag is a part of our history, and is NOT a symbol of racism or hate. I do not have a racist bone in my body, never have, and never will!
       I will not be a party to the erasure of American history! That is what is going on. You can erase history, by removing it from textbooks, or you can rewrite it by writing an false narrative of what actually occurred, but history CANNOT be changed. History must always be looked at through the eyes of what was happening in society at the time that history occurred. Did we do some horrible things throughout our history? Of course we did, but is ignoring it, or saying something else happened, going to change it? What we know today, cannot be used to judge what happened back then. You must look at it from the viewpoint of the time it occurred.
         I have had it up to here with Political Correctness. You can't open your mouth anymore without fear of offending someone. That is exactly what these Leftist/Progressive/Communists want. They want people to be afraid to say anything. Basically the silencing of free speech! I will not be a party to that. I will speak my mind, and if someone gets offended? Deal with it! Political Correctness offends me! Does that count for anything? No, it doesn't, because I'm on the wrong side of the argument!
        When the Constitution was being debated, one agreement that led to the adoption of it, was that slaves in the southern states would be counted as 3/5 of a person for representative purposes. Was this right? Of course not, looking at it through today's eyes, but where would our "country" be today if that had not occurred. No agreement may have been reached, and I have no idea what we would look like today, but I will guarantee that the leftists would be complaining about something they view as wrong, and must be changed. 
         These people got what they wanted with the Supreme Court case on same sex marriage. The Confederate flag has been successfully demonized. Are they happy? Not a chance! There are other things that they want to do that they haven't even thought up yet! The Memphis, TN City Council voted unanimously to dig up a Confederate general and his wife, and a monument in his honor and remove them from a public park, a talking head at CNN suggested that the Jefferson Memorial should be taken down or moved. It has been suggested that the Washington Monument should be taken down, and even the name of Washington, D.C. should be changed. Why? Because Jefferson and Washington owned slaves. Well, back then, while some people were opposed to it, it was considered OK to own slaves. If we do all those things suggested, today, how exactly would that benefit Jefferson's and Washington's slaves. Jefferson and Washington did a lot more FOR this country, than owning a few slaves was bad for it.
        The night of the same sex Supreme Court decision, the White House was bathed in Rainbow colors. I wonder why it was not bathed in Red, White, and Blue on the Fourth of July, the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. That answer is simple. The administration in Washington today hates this country, and is trying to do everything it possibly can to destroy it, through executive decrees, a foreign policy that reeks of cowardice, and a total disregard for the "rule of law".