Thursday, December 20, 2012

In the Wake of Sandy Hook...........

Just a reminder to everybody calling for a renewed Assault Weapons Ban.

The Columbine massacre happened right in the middle of it, 5 years AFTER it was implemented (1994), and some of the firearms they used were assault weapons as defined by the ban. How did that happen, they were banned??

Also, while we're discussing the Clinton era AWB which expired in 2004 it should be noted that violent crime and firearms related homicides have dropped every year since it expired in 2004, while gun sales have gone up dramatically.
Going forward, if our legislators want real solutions the discussion needs to be about school security and addressing the needs of the mentally ill, not more bans and restriction. How about hiring police officers to guard the schools, or returning veterans, or arming school staff and/or teachers like they do in Israel? My guess would be that the people screaming the loudest about restricting guns, would be the first to start screaming about increased taxes to pay for the security. The same people screaming for more gun control are also for the most part the same people who fought to shut down mental hospitals, and move the patients to group homes or release them entirely, because their confinement was inhumane.

We hope that our legislators finally get around to reforming the real issues now. It's been 13.5 years since Columbine and they're still calling plays from the same old book.

How about we address the problem thru facts and logic, and not via an emotional response?