Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Holidays (UTBKA[used to be known as] Merry Christmas!)

       Remember years ago, for those of you old enough to remember those good old days, when the break from school, from about 12/23 until about 1/2, was called "Christmas vacation"? Remember when you went into stores after Thanksgiving and there were ads and banners and signs all saying "Merry Christmas"? Remember the Nativity scene on the Town green? Remember the Christmas grab bag gifts in your classroom?
       Now it's "Winter Holiday" and 'Happy Holidays". No more grab bag gifts, visits from Santa Claus, or Christmas trees. Nativity scene, what Nativity scene? It's all gone, thanks to political correctness brought to you by the Progressives or Liberals (pick your own term for those idiots). They claim it's because of the "Separation of Church and State" in the Constitution. Well, guess what. It's NOT in the Constitution! The Constitution guarantees "Freedom OF Religion", not "Freedom FROM Religion". The Constitution only states that Congress shall not create a national religion.
       Yeh, Jon, we know all about this, so where are you going with this? Well, the other day I heard that the Muslims planning the Mosque near Ground Zero in New York City are applying for a $5 million grant from the Federal Government to help with the construction. That wave you see coming out of Washington is the Left Wing hypocrisy oozing out of that "fine city".
       Anybody want to take me up on a bet as to whether that grant gets approved. I'll bet it does. Any takers?
Where is the ACLU? Shouldn't they be all over this! Separation of Church and State, yeh, right! I'm waiting for their response, but I'm not holding breath while I wait, I want to live a little longer. 

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