Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tea Party Patriots- What the Left Thinks!

                    You're an Evil Idiot!

Tea Party Patriots are stupid, illiterate, racist, and mean.

That is the message being promoted by socialist multi-billionaire George Soros on his new website, TeaPartyTracker.org.  He and his coalition are set to spend millions upon millions of dollars to make the American public believe that message as part of their war on you and us.
Why are they doing this?  Why will they go to such lengths to smear and insult the honor of tens of millions of their fellow American citizens?
The answer is that they know the vast majority of the American public supports Tea Party Patriots' values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets.  Having an open discussion on these three basic, common sense subjects is like shining sunlight on vampires to them.  So they attack viciously to change the subject.
Their goal is to make American's afraid to speak the truth for fear of being labeled as a brainless, slack-jawed, bigot.

Are you afraid?
Will you be manipulated into silence by their lies?
Will you sit back and allow them to drive America into ruin because you don't want them to call you a few names?
Of course not!  And neither will we!
We are American Tea Party Patriots!  We embody the spirit that has driven every generation of Americans to fight for justice and freedom.  To assume that they can douse that spirit with a few simple insults is absolutely ridiculous.  Clearly they have no idea what America and Americans are all about.

So we will fight!
We will fight with the energy of American patriotism that has never been defeated.  We will drive them out of power and back into the shadows.  We will inform, educate, and motivate our fellow citizens with the truth.  And together we will take back our country!

Do you know where the Tea Party movement started?
It started right here in February 2009 on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange!




  1. "Tea Party Patriots are stupid, illiterate, racist, and mean"

    I guess that is only partially true.

    I can't say that the Tea Partiers I have talked to are stupid or illiterate, but they do seem to be deliberately uninformed.

    As for racist, not all conservatives are racist, in fact very few are. But most racist are also politically conservative. So are there racists in the Tea Party movement, yep there are. Is that the main driving force behind the movement. No. If you want to find racism in America its not hard to find. But it isn't a core principle of the Tea Party movement. A part of it certainly, but not a central issue.

    But they seem universally uninformed and uninterested in information.

    They believe that our President is a Muslim and many believe that he was born in Kenya. Not because there is any evidence to support their beliefs, but because they want to despite all the evidence to the contrary.

    They believe that our taxes are too high when, for the vast majority of them, their federal taxes have actually gone down under President Obama's programs and we as a nation pay less of our nation income in taxes than at any time since the 1950's.

    They refuse to believe that the stimulus bill created any jobs because their leaders tell them that lie all the time despite every study, by liberal and conservative economists, shows that the stimulus bill created between 3 to 6 million jobs.

    The have been told that the Health Care Reform bill was a government take over of health care when the reality is that it will eventually get 32million more Americans insurance through private insurance companies.

    They have been told that the Health Care Reform bill is a budget buster. Another lie told by their leaders when every study of its impact concludes that the Health Care Reform bill will actully slightly reduce the national debt over the next 10 years.

    They have been lied to about how much Cap and Trade would cost each family and told that its too expensive to address the most important environmental challenge we face.

    They believe that President Obama is a Communist or a Socialist or Hates America. Often those who call our President a Communist or a Socialist can't define either term.

    Thats my problem with TeaBaggers.

    Its not that they disagree with me on policies. I love a good policy debate. Its that they are completely uninterested in facts, prefering to stick to their beliefs and the lies their leaders are telling them.

    We have serious problems in this country and TeaBaggers only seem interested in being mad at our President and the Democrats for things they mostly didn't do and seem completely uninterested in actually addressing our problems.

    So that is not "Tea Party Patriots are stupid, illiterate, racist, and mean". Its just sad

  2. Thanks for the address for the TeaPartyTracker.org website. It is a good site I had not heard of before

  3. I take back what I said about responding to everything you commented on. You are obviously a card carrying Liberal with a list of Democrat talking points. You believe what you do and there is no changing your mind. Just for your info, I couldn't tell you how many times I got fund raising letters from the Republican party when Bush was President and sent them back WITHOUT a check and a note about how I wouldn't give as long as Bush's Liberal domestic agenda continued. As far as I am concerned, Medicare Drug Program, TARP, bailout of car companies (which started under Bush) no f***ing way! Let me know on 11/3 how you Libs make out.

  4. So, this thread remains a testament to the weakness in your insistence on pretending that Liberals are anything other than patriotic Americans with whom you have distinct differences on most policy questions. Its funny that, when confronted to support your generalizations, you cannot. You didn't even attempt to support your generalizations.

  5. Read back in my past posts and you will get my "philosophy". Unlike a lot of Liberals, I have to work for a living, and don't have the time to continually beat my head against the wall trying to change the mind of Liberals, whose minds can't be changed, and who when confronted with facts, resort the the politics of personal destruction. The government, as the Constitution says (if you care to read it), is basically charged with protecting us from enemies(foreign and domestic), negotiating treaties, creating a court system, creating a monetary system and providing an infrastructure. Beyond that -Furgitaboutit. End of conversation on my end. See ya November 3, and we'll see if the majority of the American people agree with you or me!