Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Letter to the Editor Of The Waterbury Republican - re: Dick Blumenthal

To The Editor

We have a nationwide midterm election coming on November 2 that is going to be a referendum on what type of country we want. Do we want the type of country with a very limited Federal government,  which shows respect for the Constitution and the individual and their rights envisioned by our Founding Fathers, or do we want the type of Government envisioned by Richard Blumenthal, a country that is run out of Washington, D.C. and tells us exactly how to live? Mr. Blumenthal has spent his career as Connecticut’s Attorney General making Connecticut very unfriendly to businesses. He sued and stopped a natural gas terminal and gas pipeline in Long Island Sound which could have led to lower prices for natural gas in Connecticut with little if any impact on the environment. He has sued numerous companies over the years, many of which could be considered frivolous, and now he wants to limit $40 billion in tax cuts to oil companies which if passed will cost the country an estimated 600,000 jobs, make us MORE dependent on foreign oil, and drastically increase gasoline, natural gas, and fuel oil prices
                He has been quoted as saying that all his law suits have actually created jobs in Connecticut. Trial lawyer jobs?
                Attorney General Blumenthal, who is running for Senator Chris Dodd’s seat in Congress, has stood behind Senator Dodd every step of the way. In fact, after Dodd’s special mortgage deal with Countrywide Mortgage (Friends of Angelo)was revealed (a deal that would save Dodd $75,000 over the life of the mortgage), Blumenthal said there was no evidence of wrong doing, and that in fact Dodd might actually have been the victim of a predatory mortgage company.
Upon announcing he was seeking Senator Dodd’s seat he said he never took nor would take PAC or special interest money. Shortly after he made that statement, he went to a Trial lawyers conference in Vancouver and took about $500,000 in special interest campaign money.
                Oh, and of course, he told us he served in Vietnam and then said he “mis-spoke”. Is ”mis-spoke” the new term for ”lying”?
                Is Richard Blumenthal just another untruthful career politician? It appears he is.
                I will not support a Liberal like Blumenthal who believes all the power should reside in the government and never mind individual freedoms. I will be supporting Linda McMahon for U.S. Senator. I hope you will join me.

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