Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Change is Coming, and It's Not Going to be Good.

Got this as an email, and it makes a whole lot of sense. It's where we are headed!
      I had a brief conversation with a female friend yesterday. We were talking about the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, and what impact it might have on America if the Senate were to ratify it. She, of course, felt that it would have no impact. After all, the U.N. cannot simply run around making rules, and neither can our President…. right?
       So I asked her, theoretically speaking, if the police or ATF showed up at her door and demanded that she hand over her pistol, what would she do? She said, “I’d give it to them”. Then I asked her, if in the process of confiscating your gun one of them noticed that you’re kinda sexy and asked you to take your clothes off, what would you do? She replied, “I would probably rather fight and die if necessary.”
      Now, to be fair, the person in question has a very…how shall we say…”Hallmark Card” view of sex. Which is her right. But my mind is a bit boggled by this thought process. You would allow a stranger to walk in to your home and strip you of your Constitutional rights… but your Levi’s are off limits. You would give up something that has been yours by virtue of your birthright, for 236 years. But you would not give up something you’ve been giving up on a fairly regular basis for more than half your life? I don’t get it.
      There are a lot of people out there just kinda stumbling through life. Whistling past the grave yard. Saying things like,”The President can’t change the law just because he wants to”, while the President is on television doing exactly that. They believe that the way things are is the way they will continue to be. They think freedom itself will defend freedom, and because something has not happened yet it simply cannot happen. But we are on the verge of some critical changes in this nation, and you and I, all of us, are going to be called on to make some choices.
      Liberals never quit, and they never tire. They have one goal in mind and that is to force this nation to conform to their view of how it should be. They mean to do that by forcing you to live how they want you to live. (I’ll refer you to NYC where they now determine how much soda you can drink). The day is going to come when they do come knocking on your door asking for your guns. And there is a reason I keep harping on this issue. Because once the American public is disarmed, we will have no means to resist the tyranny that those who seek to control our lives wish to impose.
       You may think these are the ramblings of a mad man. That is because you have devoted your life to understanding all the ins and outs of American Idol, while I have devoted mine to understanding what is happening around me. Disarming the public is the first step that every government that wishes to force the people to bend to their will must take. Because an armed public is capable of resistance. A disarmed one is not.
       Once the Second Amendment goes, the first and the fifth are soon to follow. In fact, the First Amendment is already under attack right now as I type this. So to those of you who own no guns, let me ask you this. What will you do when someone from the government contacts you about your Facebook posts, your blog, a letter to the editor? What will you do when your right not to testify against yourself, or to face your accuser, or to a speedy trial is rescinded? You will say, “That can’t happen here, this is America.” Sure it can happen here, it can happen anywhere. It has happened in Republics just like ours. Germany was a free Republic before Hitler rose to power. Russia was not always a communist nation, neither was China. And what do all these transformed places have in common? Suppression of the populace, murder, rape, torture. The law becomes what one man or one small group says it is, and you can do nothing about it. And it will happen here, just as it has happened elsewhere, because the people who believe it cannot happen will sit home and do nothing to stop it. If you think that the law, the courts, or the Congress will protect you, consider that the President has recently changed U.S. Immigration policy and the Welfare Reform Act, without a single vote being cast. He just directed the enforcement agencies not to enforce the parts he didn’t like.
       The Gestapo is already at work in America. At least one elected official recognizes this fact, but he was quickly pressured in to apologizing for and rescinding his comments. They were however, true. You know them as the TSA, but they perform the same function. Ostensibly here to protect you, while they grope your goodies, steal your possessions, and make travel a hassle that many of us choose not to go through. And they are coming to buses, trains, and subways near you in the not so distant future. And then what?
       Well let’s see…. disarm the public, make travel difficult in order to isolate and control them… put “panels” in charge of their healthcare… Hell, all we’re missing is the freight trains.
The simple fact is, the first person to stand up, the first guy to fight back…will be killed. And several more after that. But eventually the crowd will get too large to take them all out. If there are enough patriots left in this nation to even form a crowd.
I truly wish I lived in the land of the free and the home of the brave. But these days the brave are few and far between. In China, one kid stood his ground in front of a column of tanks. Meanwhile, you melt like butter in front of an IRS agent. A man in that theater in Colorado laid his baby boy on the ground, hopped the railing and fled the theater. Leaving his “fiance’” and two children to face the gunman alone. These are the types of people we must count on to save the nation? If so, we’re doomed.
       Yes, friends, change is coming. Better get a new set of knee pads, you’re going to need them.

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