Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arizona Shooting - Hypocrisy on the Left.................Again? Still?

      Saturday afternoon, when I first heard about the tragic shooting in Arizona, I said to my wife "How long do you think it will be before the mainstream media (who, at that very moment were desperately searching for some connection between the shooter and the Tea Party) blames Conservatives for what happened". As it turned out even I was a amazed at the rapidity with which they did exactly that. They said it was the fault of the Tea Party, right wing extremism, Rush Limbaugh, but best of all, they said it was Sarah Palin's fault because of her targets on the map of Congressional Democrats that were targeted for defeat in 2010. Did you hear in the media that "The Daily Kos(A far left-wing blog) and the Democrat National Committee have done exactly the same thing in past elections? No? I didn't either!

      If it weren't so tragic, I would be rolling on the floor laughing. The Left never let's any tragedy like this go by without trying to use it to their political advantage. The way they behave is a national disgrace.


  1. Actually, Jon, I thought something similar - that conservatives would be blamed for the shooting. And my REASON for thinking that was -- from the mouths of conservatives I heard inflammatory words like: "reload" and "2nd amendment rights", etc.

    What was/were your REASONS for thinking that the mainstream media would start blaming conservatives?

    Dick Jones

  2. History - It goes all the way back (at least) to JFK's assassination. Oh, those inflammatory words like "reload", which I use all the time when I go shooting or teach an NRA handgun course. Guess I'm just an inflammatory person. "2nd Amendment rights, boy, that's inflammatory". It describes what is part of our Bill of Right, just recently confirmed by the Supreme Court by the way. So I guess following the Constitution is radical and extreme. You want "inflammatory" and "hate" check out the following links.




  3. Hypocrisy is their SOP. Period.
    Add a healthy dose of lying their sorry asses off and you have the average modern DemCom.