Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For Those of You Drinking the MSNBC Kool-Aid…

     Seems there are people out there who contend that Fox News is biased to the right, but Cable channels like MSNBC deal only in "pure" journalism. Is Fox biased to the right? Absolutely! However, they do have Liberals on their panels when they discuss issues and more often than not they have on both a Liberal and a Conservative arguing each other. This is known as "fair and balanced". MSNBC and the other networks don't even make a pretense at doing anything like that.
     The best part, however, is, I don't mind a bit that both sides are doing it. It's known as "Freedom of Speech", guaranteed by our Constitution, and is a result, at least partially, from the "Citizen's United" case that the Supreme Court ruled on late last year. That was one of the best decisions in the history of our country.
For those of you who think MSNBC is as pure as the wind driven snow, read below and watch the video.

Got this part, below, in part from Radiovice Online:

There are political commentators on all “news” networks. If you can not figure out the difference between a commentator like Sean Hannity and an anchor like Bret Baier, I’m not going to be able to help you. But MSNBC staff like Rachel Maddow coming out definitively saying Fox News is “Faux News” is pathetic and insane.
I picked up on this Newsbusters story last week I think. I can’t find the story now, but it revolved around a clip from Hannity where a congressman asked the viewing audience for monetary support and directed them to a political campaign website.
The left went nuts.
As a reminder, Hannity is a commentator.
To wrap up this story, and in an attempt to quiet down the MSNBC fans out there, we’re highlighting this video so you all can get off your high horse. Video efforts by Johnny Dollar’s Place. Allahpundit at Hot Air notes…
Wait, didn’t Rachel Maddow assure us on Friday that, unlike those mercenary wingnuts at Fox News who let Republican guests pitch donation URLs on the air, MSNBC is “not a political operation”? Six full minutes of fact-checkin’ fun here via Johnny Dollar, who not only spent hours piecing this lowlight reel together but has an accompanying post delving further into the hypocrisy.

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