Friday, September 3, 2010

That D*** Constitution Again

Here is a wonderful example of why the "Tea Party" is on the rise. The ultimate law of the land is the U.S. Constitution. This is what the governing elitists think of it, and Lisa Murkowski is a Republican!
Got this quote from "Chuck Muth's News and Views"

"The Murkowski dynasty came to an end in Alaska last night as Senator Lisa Murkowski conceded she had lost her GOP primary" to Joe Miller, reports John Fund of Political Diary. But it's what possibly drove the final nail into the coffin that constitutional conservatives should be absolutely thrilled about.

"In their only debate last week," Mr. Fund writes. "Mr. Miller pounded home his view that Senator Murkowski had voted for bills that lacked any Constitutional justification. She lamely responded that it would be a far different country if she only voted for things explicitly authorized by the Constitution."

Hoo-hah!!!  If the notion that Congress should only pass legislation that is constitutionally permissible has taken hold in a state that is bathed in federal pork, imagine what that could portend for the rest of the nation.  Why, a true Second American Revolution might truly be under way without a single shot being fired.

We can only hope."

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