Friday, August 6, 2010

Maybe Texas Has it Figured Out..

I've always loved the State of Texas. Right from the days of the Alamo!

Got this from a friend of mine. Thanks, Bill.

        Do you ever wonder why so many bills (3000+) are proposed every year at the Capitol in Hartford? Perhaps it's the number of legislators we have elected, 151 Representatives and 36 Senators, 187 people thinking about how they can fix something, make your life better, or how they can leave their imprint on Connecticut's history. The legislature also employs over 350 people to make the process work. All this in a state with 8 counties and slightly less than 3.5 million residents (2000). To put this into perspective, California has 58 counties and only 120 legislators, but they do have term limits. New York has 62 counties with 212 legislators. Texas has a whopping 254 counties with 181 legislators while Rhode Island with 5 counties has 113 legislators. Texas' legislature only meets every other year for 140 days.

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  1. I am from California, let me tell you, if you want a boxer, maybe Mike Tyson would do a better job.

    She doesn't want to send jobs overseas? What are our corporations supposed to do? American labor is too expensive.
    The money will come back into our economy when the CEO's purchase multiple homes in good ol' USA.