Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Did you ever hear of it? If you are victim of late stage cancer, you may have. It is a drug that is used for late stage breast and other cancers. It's not a cure, but it has been proven to extend life. It costs about $8000 per treatment. I don't know how often it's needed, but that's a huge cost even if it's only once a year. There are people out there that are paying out of their own pocket for the drug, but they may not be doing it much longer. Why? Not effective? Serious side effects? Nope, the FDA is meeting on September 17 to decide whether to take it off the market. If it's effective and doesn't have serious side effects, why are they thinking about pulling it? Remember Obamacare that was passed back in March. The FDA considers the drug to not be cost effective. Obamacare nationalized healthcare and in order to control costs they are starting rationing. This is a prime example. You won't be able to get an effective drug, even if you pay for it yourself. Welcome to the Liberals "Brave New World" utopia. Freedom? What Freedom?

Vote November 2 - Throw ALL the bums out, regardless of party!

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