Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Your Choice- Freedom or Subjugation

       We have many people in this country today who more or less just "go with the flow". They enjoy their freedoms, and expect them to be there forever. They don't pay attention to current events, don't watch the Local and National News on TV, don't read a newspaper (especially the Editorial page), and listen to the top 40 on their favorite FM radio station. This is known as Apathy. These people think they won't have to worry because someone else will watch out for them and make sure their "liberties" do not "go away" Well, it's time to start paying attention, because your liberties and freedoms are vanishing at an ever increasing rate of speed. There are not enough of us out there to watch out for you anymore. YOU have to start getting involved. Are you registered to vote? Do you vote? Do you know who your U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senators are? Do you know who your State Senator and State Representative is? Do you ever call their office to express your opinion on anything? Did you vote in the last referendum on your local school or town budget? Do you know the name of your local town or city government leaders? Do you ever write a letter to the Editor expressing your opinion?
       I heard about a  poll on the radio the other day that found that only 35% of people in this country could name any one of the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices. Only 1% could name all nine. That I find to be absolutely criminal. It is similar to the poll from a few years ago in which only 35% of United States college freshmen could find the United States on a World map. Is this the product of what we are getting out of our Public Schools today or is it that people just don't care as long as they can live their lives without anyone bothering them? There are hundreds of thousands of young men and women buried in cemeteries here and around the world who gave their lives so Americans can be free, and how do we thank them? We sit on our hands, and do nothing? I am beginning to think that the next time a crisis pops up, some fine young men or women are going to say "why, bother, no one cares anymore". Are we going to let touching moments like these cease to mean anything?
       Get involved, even if it just means registering to vote and voting. Find out where the candidates stand on issues! Go to a Tea Party! Go to a Town Meeting! In this day and age, all and I mean "all" of that information is about 4 clicks away on the internet. November 2, 2010 is election day. People in Connecticut can find out deadlines for voter registration at People elsewhere can find the information with a few clicks. We can take our country back!!
       We must let those Statist, Progressive, Liberal idiots in Washington, D.C. know that we have had enough of their crap and that they are being consigned to the dust bin of History, forever. No more Chris Murphy's,  Dick Blumenthal's, Jim Hime's, Joe Courtney's, Rosa DeLauro's, or John  Larson's. Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, John McCain, et al. must go. We need to elect people like Marco Rubio, Sharron Angle,  & Pat Toomey in this election, and in all future elections. We want the country back to what was envisioned by men like Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, and Sam and John Adams, when they wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. A land of personal freedom, personal responsibility, the ability to pursue our dreams without government interference, and a small limited government that stays out of it's citizens lives. Tyranny and Totalitarianism are not far away if we continue down the path we are currently on.!!

Watch this video and then please, get involved.

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