Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Washington, DC Tea party

Did anyone see any pictures or videos of this on the "State run" media last Saturday or Sunday? No, I didn't either. Just a bunch of Nazi's and right wing extremists rallying to support the Constitution. How much coverage do you think it would have gotten if it had been a "Million Man march, Civil rights demonstration, or anti-war demonstration. Yep, Katie Couric, Charles Gibson, Chris Matthews, George Stephenopulous, et al would have been in the crowd interviewing the participants themselves. Ordinary American citizens stand up against the government and they are totally ignored, but get a Left Wing demonstration going with their "Rent-a-mob" participants and the Media is all over it. HYPOCRISY!!!!!!!!

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  1. I was in Washington on other business during this march. From what I saw there had to be in the hundred thousands of marchers. The media (including Fox) just wasn't there. I was really surprised because this actually was a group of quite outrageous folks! It would have made for enough news to fill up a lot of empty time. Most of the issues I saw were about the deficit and the health care bill. I do wish that they had stuck mostly to the issues, rather than demonizing the President. After all, it is more about Congress going along with TARP, etc.