Sunday, February 8, 2009


lob', n. one who tries to get legislators to support certain measures.

This definition of lobbyist comes from Webster's American Dictionary.

We all hear about those "evil" lobbyists from the media. The people who are influencing Congress and the State legislators to do stuff for "special interests". What people don't realize is that there are lobbyists on all sides of all issues. There are lobbyists for oil companies and environmentalists. There are the anti-gun lobbyists like the Brady Center and pro-gun lobbyists like the National Rifle Association. When you feel a certain way about a certain government proposal, there are lobbyists on your side regardless of what that position is. As long as we have our Representative Republic, we will have lobbyists. They are not evil, they are part of our Government process. When you call your Senator or Representative about an issue that matters to you, you become a lobbyist, supporting a "special interest". Does that make you "Evil"?

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